Home-tour Property Photography

Elevated mast photography...

Photographs captured from a raised viewpoint of 10m [33']

In addition to the normal photography service, Home-tour property photography is able to provide elevated photogaphs captured using a remote camera mounted on a telescopic mast, monitored and contolled from the ground via a laptop.
Also known as “low level aerial photography” or “Raised Viewpoint mast photography” Marcus has been offering this service since 2003, previously as “High Eye Imaging”

These eye-catching images present the property and grounds in their environment.

The mast is portable and supported by a folding steel base, allowing the system to located wherever the best viewpoints are to be found.
If neccessary the whole assembly can easily be carried through a property to access enclosed rear gardens and courtyards etc.
Please view the elevated gallery in the portfolio for further examples of mast photogaraphs by Home-tour

Elevated mast photographs are available at a discounted rate when combined
with a photography package commission. For details see the prices page.

Elevated shots have many other applications, including;
  • Commercial property sales
  • Construction site documentation
  • Business promotional photos

Please contact marcus if you have a project that would benefit from elevated mast photography