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Additional information on the process and options available when commissioning a shoot.
Photography packages:
A 'Premium' photographic package provides a minimum of 36 finished images,
[~12 exterior and 24 interior photographs]
This permits choice in selection of images when compiling brochures, print and web marketing.

A 'standard' photographic package provides 18 finished images,
[~6 exterior and 12 interior photographs], covering the primary rooms only

A 'Premium' full coverage shoot will usually take about three hours, with a similar amount of time devoted to 'post production'; editing the images to ensure correct colour balance, blending multiple exposures, adjusting to ensure perfect alignment and perspective. Finally creating the 'deliverables'; burning CD's [one for the Agent and another for the vendor], printing contact sheets and creating and publishing a web 'proofing' gallery to assist with image selection.

Getting the most from a shoot:

Consideration of a number of factors help to ensure that the shoot results in the best possible photographs:
  • Scheduling
    • Generally a shoot will only be scheduled for a 'good weather' day.
      Obviously this can be difficult and may mean re-scheduling.
    • If neccessary interiors may be shot on one day and exteriors on another when the weather is right.
    • When booking a shoot the features and orientation of the property will also be taken into consideration, with the goal being to arrange the shoot for a time of day when the light will be most flattering for the main external feature, this may be frontage or a particular aspect of the grounds.

  • Property preparation
    • Simply applying the same reccomendations as those given to any vendor bringing a property to the market will greatly enhance the potential impact of the photographs that can be captured.
    • 'Styling' is not included in the property photography packages, so we ask that on the day of the shoot the property is presented as it would be for a viewing or 'open day'
    • A tip sheet on preparing a property on will soon available to download as a pdf
Commercial photography:
If you are interested in commissioning photograph from Marcus Newey for other puposes please contact me to discuss details.
Fees will be based on the usage rights and production requirements, ie. Media use, duration, region etc.

Copyright, licencing and usage info:
The photography packages detailed are offered on the basis that the photographs are licenced to be used for the marketing of a private property for sale, and may be used for this purpose until the property is sold. Any other use [eg. editorial or promotion of a business] are subject to approval and further usage fees based on standard usage rates. Where the purchaser of the licence is the 'Agent' rather than the 'Vendor', secondary licence fees are applicable for third party usage [ie. when switching agents].

The copyright of all images remain the property of Marcus Newey. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, Marcus Newey reserves the right to use all images for other uses including, but not restricted to, self promotion, commercial and marketing purposes.