Home-tour Property Photography

Quality images are an essential element of successful marketing

Potential buyers are quick to judge a property on the quality of it's presentation.

With the trend towards producing individual property brochures and seeking coveted 'feature' articles in the press, the quality of a property's photographs has never been more important. This is especially so on the web, despite the low resolutions used, where it's all too easy to fall victim to 'scroll-by' or 'click-through' if your images don't jump off the page.

Estate agents and vendors are increasingly recognising the importance of commissioning professional photography.
Home-tour property photography applies many of the photographic production values usually found in the 'lifestyle' and 'design' magazines, but does so within a budget suited to the private property marketing sector.

High quality photographs are a vital element in the presentation of distinctive homes, especially when:
  • producing brochures

  • placing large print adverts

  • seeking 'editorial' coverage

The Home-tour property photography service is provided by Marcus Newey,
to view the galleries of Marcus's work please view the 'Portfolios'

Utilising modern digital imaging equipment and editing tools, finished photographs are supplied as high res files suitable for all uses, including double page spreads and cover shots. Smaller files also provided, optimised for newsprint / email and web use.
In addition to a thorough understanding of composition and a keen eye for detail, the techniques used by Marcus to ensure that all Home-tour clients receive first class photographs include:
  • Using multiple off camera strobes with modifiers to balance with ambient and artificial light sources.
  • Apropriate use of both wide angle and telephoto lenses.
  • Eliminating lens distortion.
  • Careful control of perspective ensures that uprights are straight and true.
  • Adjustment of white balance to eliminate colour casts.
  • Exposure blending [HDR] where required.


Using multiple off camera strobes allows crisp bright photographs to be captured that acurately reflect how the human aye sees a scene. Please view this sample animation showing how Marcus would light a typical scene: Lighting Example 1


Agents and vendors who value the difference that professional photography can make to their marketing deserve to be rewarded !
All Home-tour work is 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy with the photographs then they will be re-worked or re-shot to your satisfaction, if this is not possible then you will be offered a full refund [nb. this has never happened !]


Thanks very much for the time and care you took photographing Windsor Farm. Love the photos. H. Bendel

Many thanks -great result G. Woods - Clifton                  ...A first class job J. Hedges - Hardington Mandeville

Thanks for coming to Bristol so Quickly - Let's hope people think the house is as good as the photos ! Alison

We are very pleased with the photos P. Guiver - Somerset